Getting the Message

It was later than I had hoped when I arrived home from work, my arms and back aching from clambering on and off the lorry all day, busting my hump for a pitiful wage. If it wasn’t for the three chicks that I was fucking at least twice each a week while I was out doing deliveries, I would have quit working the job a long time ago.

Groaning and cursing, I snatched a pack of beers from the fridge and headed through to the bedroom, fully intending on drinking a brew and watching the big game on the television.

Placing the drinks down on the small table beside the bed, I cursed, having forgotten my snacks and made my way back through to the kitchen only to throw my hands up in despair.
There were no clean bowls for me to put my potato chips and nuts in and with my wife of ten years away at her sisters till Sunday there was no chance of getting one cleaned.
I guess I could have probably cleaned one myself but no…
Fuck that.
Strolling back into towards the bedroom, I paused as my phone rang and groaning, I fished my mobile from my pocket, rolling my eyes as I saw that it was my wife who was calling me.
“Yeah?” I grumbled as I answered it, “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing Rob” my wife sounded happy, upbeat even.
“OK?” I shook my head, “So what’s with the phone call…I got the game starting in a minute”

“I wanted to talk with you” she stated, still sounding happy.
“Listen Lorraine” I shook my head, “I am glad you and your sister ain’t arguing yet but I got things to do here…can I go?”

There was a moment’s silence, then, “Turn on the laptop”
“What? Why?”
“Just do it” she told me, her voice having changed, “I have got something I want to show you”
“On the laptop?” I asked, anger in my voice, “I swear down Lorraine I better not miss this fucking game”

“Just turn on the laptop” she repeated and hung up the phone.
Cursing, I threw my mobile phone down onto the sofa and shook my head, wondering if I should just ignore her request.

Nah, I might get two days peace and quiet but then on Sunday she would be back from her sisters crying and snivelling.
Dropping down onto the chair in front of the table where she kept her laptop, I opened it up and switched it on. Instantly the screen flickered into life, a site that she had not shut down properly switching back on as I sat watching with confusion.

For a second or two I sat staring in shock at the sight of my wife as she stood in the centre of the screen, a broad smile on her face, then she spoke, her voice coming through the speaker.
“Hello you pathetic little man”
“What the fuck?” I growled, anger coursing through me.
Instead of appearing concerned with my rage, she laughed, her eyes bright with amusement “Just shut up and listen to me!”
I fell silent, my eyes narrowing as I stared at her through the screen as she began to talk again, “Did you really think that I would not find out about the trio of whores that you have been fucking Rob…really?”
Caught off guard, I stammered, trying to think of something to say only for her to shake her head at me, “I wouldn’t worry…I have known for four months about you dirty little affairs!”

“Ah screw you” I waved a hand at the screen, feeling a measure of confidence return, “You don’t know nothing…if you really thought I was having an affair you would have left me!”
She laughed and shook her head, “Not if I was having one too”

Turning her face to look off screen, she gestured with a hand to someone that I couldn’t see, “Come here baby”
my mouth dropped open and my eyes went as wide as saucers as a naked broad shouldered man with a shaven head and a beard strolled into sight, his cock large as it hung down his thighs.

“Motherfucker!” I was on my feet in an instant, fists clenched at my sides, “Who the fuck is this piece of shit?”

Lorraine laughed, sliding an arm about the muscled man’s waist, her fingers stroking his skin, “He is my lover, Rob…now shut up and listen to me!”
“Bitch!” I snarled, turning over the chair behind me in a rage.
On the laptop screen, my wife laughed even louder, enjoying my anger, “Don’t you dare act all righteous you little prick…you are the one who couldn’t keep it in his fucking pants. Well, you like sex so much…me and Dale here are going to give you an amateur webcam live sex show!”

“Don’t you dare!” I warned her, feeling suddenly weak and lost.
She chuckled, her free hand reaching down to take hold of the muscled mans cock, “Look at him Rob, he is three times the size of you…now I know what it feels like to be fucked by a man!”
Snarling I rose, ready to shut the laptop but she shook her head at me, “No…if you do that I am going to send Dale round with some friends to beat the shit out of you, Hell, I may even get Dale you give you a taste of this big cock as well…so behave!”
Suddenly scared, feeling less than a man, I stood stock still as she dropped to her knees, still holding the now hard cock in one hand as she addressed me, “I am never coming home Rob, you can keep the car and the house…but you have to watch this!”
“Never” I growled and she raised an eyebrow as she faced me.
“Not only will I send Dale and his friends round but I will take you to court and win everything…you will end up living back with your mother again aged thirty five…or you can watch this”

Grimacing, feeling hollow at the thought of her words, I lowered my head and she laughed, “What will it be Rob?”
My words when they came sounded alien, “I will watch”

“Good little boy” she grinned, then she turned her mouth towards the fat cock that she was holding and cooed, “Oh God, he is such a big boy Rob”

I felt as if I had been stabbed in the heart as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and pushed it over the head of the large cock, moaning as she reached down and squeezed one of her tits through her tee shirt, her head bobbing back and forth.

Groaning in ecstasy, the big man reached down and held her hair back from her face, bucking his hips slightly as he fucked my wife’s mouth for several minutes. Then with a growl of animal lust, he hauled her to her feet and began to strip her.

In a matter of seconds my wife was as naked as he and without

waiting for permission, the huge muscled figure reached out with a large hand to cup a breast, a big thumb brushing across the already hard nipple and she gasped in lust.

Then he was letting go of her breast and lifting her effortlessly from the floor to hold her in the air, “Are you ready?”

My wife groaned, leaning forward to kiss him and with a lusty snarl, he shifted his hips and she gasped as she felt the hot hard column of meat pushing up between her naked thighs.

With a push of his hips, he slid into her, big and deep and I knew from experience that she would be hugging him tight into her hot depths as he began to buck and thrust up into her, making her breasts bounce and lurch about while I stood in another room and watched on with a broken heart.
With a grunt, he suddenly withdrew, dropping Lorraine to kneel before him as he took the base of his monster cock in one hand and began to pump his shaft with it in front of her face. With lust in her eyes, my wife opened her mouth and then she was lowering her lips about his swollen cock head once again, her face bobbing up and down until with a roar he unloaded in her.

For some time she stayed down on her knees, her head moving slightly, her throat working as she swallowed down every lost drop of what he had given her, while he stroked her hair softly.
With a smile, she rose to her feet and wiped the back of a hand across her mouth, licking her fingers as she finished, then she was smiling at me through the webcam, What a live sex show! “Good bye Rob, thank you for being such a cheating bastard or I wouldn’t have had the courage to go out and meet Dale. Just for the record you won’t ever see me again…I hope you get the message!”

04 Mar 2014